What We Do

Aman Vedika Activities – Past and Present

Since 2005 Aman Vedika has taken up wide range of initiatives and collaborated with many credible civil society platforms/organizations. Collaboration with government and Civil society networks, organizations and individuals has been a key approach in all direct interventions of Aman Vedika.

Working for Gender Justice:

The Aman Vedika team has been instrumental in getting at least 80 civil society groups in the united state of AP to come together as a coalition (APCGJ) to focus society’s attention on gender-based violence through the ’16 days of Activism’ campaign. Not only during these 16 days from the end of Nov to mid-Dec, but throughout the year, this forum has taken up activities to focus on the gender angle in every issue concerning society.

Since this campaign also addressed men as a key strategy to break their silence over gender-based violence, organizations with men in key roles were also roped in to take active part.

APCGJ was able to take its message to at least 2 lakh men and women in the state in 5 years. After the bifurcation of the state, groups in Telangana promptly renamed the forum TS&APCGJ to carry on activities for gender justice.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao:

The Central Govt’s flagship program in 2015 was effectively used to identify a total of 235 girls at risk and out of school, and arranged for care and education in homes and hostels in the twin cities.

Aman Vedika has also played a pivotal role in bringing visibility to the need of taking care of children, especially girl children, from rural families in distress, leading to a campaign to create a volunteers’ force to identify potential families and prevent suicides with timely interventions, and thus help the families send their children to school.