Our Initiatives

Some of Aman Vedika’s other initiatives:

Campaign for Citizens’ Shelters (C4CS): As many as 20 organisations in Hyderabad were persuaded to come together to form a network to promote the rights of homeless people, and to press for the implementation of the apex court guidelines regarding homeless populations. Currently, 10 of these groups ae running 12 shelter homes under the same banner.

Peace Education Network: nearly 85 organisations in the united state were persuaded to form a network to sensitise teachers and officials against corporal punishment. Workshopswere conducted exclusively for Govt teachers in collaboration with Hum Hindustani and the Dist Edu Dept to promote fun learning without punishment.

Women for Secularism & Democracy: recognizing the potential of women at the grassroots, Aman Vedika started a forum to conduct activities for them at community level, in which, in 2 years, at least 2000 women participated. Under this forum, a new program was started beginning with Women’s Day this year. 15 women at community level from various walks of life were identified for their services to society and felicitated in a lively event this March.

Azad Reading Room: Managing a community library movement.

Fun Centres for out of school and working children: responding to the appeal of the dist admin to collaborate in ending child labour, Aman Vedika ran 3 fun centres for 6 months in areas where out of school children are found, where they could come for a short time for some food and fun activities. During this period, they would be motivated to go to school.

Our experienced, sensitive and continuously innovating team of Social Mobilisers reaches not only children, but also homeless adults. They have established networks of sensitive people from different walks of life including porters, vendors, Railway police, Railway staff, shop keepers and like-minded organizations in Railways stations, bus stands, slums, locations of migrant families etc.

Apart from these, Aman Vedika is also part of networks started by other groups on social issues:

  • Network for Protection of Child Rights: along with 12 other organisations working for child rights, Aman Vedika is a member of this forum that conducts ‘street presence’ every month to identify children on the street and link them to children’s homes.